11 Feb 2021 5:00pm - 7:00pm ONLINE SESSION (UK Time)


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Humeira Iqtidar (Kings College London)



 The African American experience has long been an important point of reference for debates about exclusions within democratic polities in the global south. However, the very dominance of the American experience in defining racism and modes of resistance to it requires some careful thought, particularly in the current context. I am interested in exploring what norms and modes of organizing allow a space for resistance outside the cycle of binary racialization that continues to define the American experience. I explore these through a focus on a movement and the ideas it made available: the _Khudai Khidmatgar_ or _ Volunteers For God_ movement led by Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890-1988) had a profound impact on the politics of decolonization as well as imagination of freedom (_azadi_) in colonial India and postcolonial Pakistan. Bringing Khudi Khidmatgar ideas and practices of non-violence in conversation with those of the critical race theorists I show how they can extend they complement and extend our understanding of racialized citizenship.


About the Speaker

Dr Humeira Iqtidar joined King's College London in 2011. She has studied at the University of Cambridge, McGill University in Canada and Quaid-e-Azam University in Pakistan. Before joining King's, Humeira was based at the University of Cambridge as a fellow of King’s College and the Centre of South Asian Studies. She is a co-convenor of the London Comparative Political Theory Workshop and editor of the McGill-Queens Studies in Modern Islamic Thought.



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