17 Mar 2020 5:00pm - 6:30pm Milstein Room, Cambridge University Library, West Rd, Cambridge CB3 9DR


Over recent decades, museums, galleries, archives and libraries have invested millions in creating digital collections with the aim of enabling broader public, research and commercial use of cultural heritage collections. This round table will probe how far that process has succeeded, and where the main obstacles and challenges lie to turning these collections inside out: opening them to greater scrutiny and new modes of exploration, or simply granting access to those who can’t visit in person. Has digitisation lived up to its promise of breaking down barriers of space and time? Or is the digital revolution just replicating old inequalities between institutions and people? How do institutions within the sector need to change in terms of developing skills and resources to work sustainably with digital collections? Join our panellists to explore these questions with a diverse audience of archivists, curators and researchers from around the world.

Speakers include: Nora McGregor (British Library), Dr Alison Pearn (Cambridge University Library / Darwin Correspondence project).

Chairs: Dr Hugo Leal (CDH); Dr Anne Alexander (CDH)

This public event is part of the Cambridge Cultural Heritage Data School which aims to bring together participants from the wider Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector and academia to explore the methods used to create, visualise and analyse digital archives and collections.

The curriculum will be structured around the digital collections and archives pipeline, covering the general principles and applied practices involved in the generation, exploration, visualisation, analysis and preservation of digital collections and archives. The school will be tailored to the learning needs of participants with content selected from but not limited to the following:

  • Metadata creation and enrichment
  • Digital text mark-up and TEI
  • Text-mining
  • Social network visualisation and analysis
  • Geomapping and archival photography
  • Digital Images and machine learning
  • Digital data preservation

Read more about the Data School on the CDH website.

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