24 Apr 2018 12:00pm - 2:00pm Room 4.05, Judge Business School (Fourth Floor)


In Search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy Ideas Generation, 24 April 2018

Please note that this a meeting for invited members only.

• Introductions
• Isaac Newton Trust /EPRG Small grant awardees, brief summaries
• CRASSH Seminars 2018-19 ideas for speakers
• Present new ideas.

The forthcoming CRASSH In Search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy Ideas Generation Meeting on 24 April will take place in Room 4.05, Judge Business School (fourth floor). The purpose is for all participants to present and discuss new ideas for future collaboration between researchers and academics across the different humanities, science, technology and social science disciplines, with a focus on energy policy. Themes from the last meeting included autonomous vehicles and energy infrastructure.

The ideas could be suggestions or themes for future CRASSH seminar speakers, joint funding proposals for grants such as the small grant funding call, research topics of interest or a current energy policy question which you wish to discuss with the broader group. If you wish you are welcome to give a short presentation or circulate in advance a relevant paper which you would like to discuss.

At the meeting the successful Isaac Newton Trust /EPRG Small grant awardees will be announced and applicants will be asked to give brief summaries of their projects.

Please also note this meeting has previously been referred to as an internal discussion meeting but we have now called this the CRASSH In search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy Ideas Generation Meeting to better reflect the purpose of this meeting.

Part of the In Search of 'Good' Energy Policy Research Group Seminar Series.
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