21 Nov 2017 17:15pm - 19:00pm LG18, Faculty of Law, The David Williams Building (10 West Road)


This lecture is open to all. 

CRASSH Impact Lecture Series, Michaelmas Term

Speaker: Professor Michael Puett (Harvard University)

We seem to have a relatively clear (if somewhat uncomfortable) narrative concerning the rise and (potential) decline of neoliberalism. But, if we take into account the perspective of China, such a narrative may have to be re-thought. This talk will place some of the current political debates in China within a larger historical context and argue that these debates may force us to re-think some of our assumptions concerning the workings of the state and the economy and accordingly to re-think some of our readings of recent history. My hope is that the talk will help to contribute to developing a more global understanding of political theory.

Michael Puett is the Walter C. Klein Professor of Chinese History and Anthropology, as well as the Chair of the Committee on the Study of Religion, at Harvard University. His interests are focused on the inter-relations between philosophy, anthropology, history, and religion, with the hope of bringing the study of China into larger historical and comparative frameworks. His books include To Become a God: Cosmology, Sacrifice, and Self-Divinization in Early China and The Path: A New Way to Think About Everything (co-authored with Christine Gross-Lo).

This lecture is part of the CRASSH Impact Lecture Series, and is free and open to all.

You might be interested in attending Michael Puett in conversation with Julia Lovell as well.

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