9 Nov 2016 2:00pm - 4:00pm Erasmus Room at Queens' College, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9ET [*NB Different venue and time today]


Free and open to all but Online Registration is required. Limited places
NB: Different venue only today, Erasmus Room at Queens' College, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9ET

Reading Group
Graham Denyer Willis (Cambridge)
Ernesto Schwartz-Marin (Durham

This seminar will examine accountability and the state in the age of technology through the lens of Facebook’s content moderation of police brutality in Brazil and a citizen-led forensic DNA database in Mexico.

About the former, Graham Denyer Willis (Cambridge) asks, how does the decision to make some content invisible, taken from a new 'command center' (Sassen 1992), reveal a new moment in capitalism?

About the latter, Ernesto Schwartz-Marin (Durham) would like to explore the social and political implications of sidestepping governmental and forensic authorities in the search for truth in contexts of mass atrocities – especially when we defy the dominant state-centric regulation of truth making processes such as forensic DNA. 

These scholars will open this seminar in dialogue, followed by a conversation among all participants on these topics and their connections to transparency.  Accordingly, we ask that all participants read their pre-circulated papers. 


Participants – please Register Online and contact the organizers (Dr McPherson or Dr Moore) for a copy of the papers.

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Part of The Politics and Paradoxes od Transparency Research Group series

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