21 Apr 2016 12:30pm - 2:00pm CRASSH Meeting Room


With Peri Cihan, Senior Consultancy Associate Cambridge Enterprise Limited

Being an expert consultant can be invigorating and effective way for post-docs to share their knowledge and expertise with business, the arts and policy sectors and government. From serving on advisory boards to reviewing policy, providing expert witness advice, developing bespoke training programmes, or advising for TV and radio programmes, there are many ways to be a consultant. There are also many things to consider if and when you take on such work: issues around intellectual property, finance, managing contracts and obligations.

The University, via Cambridge Enterprise, offers support for just such work. If you want to know more about how consultancy works and what the University can offer to support you in the process, come for lunch, discussion and perhaps even insights.

The event is free to attend but registration is necessary. Lunch will be provided. To book your place please use the online booking link on this page.

Peri Cihan

Peri is a Senior Consultancy Associate in the Consultancy Services team at Cambridge Enterprise.  She works with academics from a range of departments at the University who are carrying out consultancy services for external organisations.  Peri is responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts to cover the services of University staff for clients of all sizes from a variety of sectors.  A key part of Peri’s role is to build relationships with University staff which she thoroughly enjoys.

Prior to working at Cambridge Enterprise, Peri worked for CRAC, the Career Development Organisation as a programme manager for Vitae, where she developed strong project and event management skills through developing and delivering an annual programme of training activities for researchers.


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