20 Nov 2015 11:30am - 3:30pm Boardroom, Faculty of English, Sidgwick Site


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This Digital Methods Development Workshop will explore histories and futures of mapping the spread of epidemics. Drawing on the work of the Visual Plague project, which is assembling a visual history of the Third plague pandemic, the workshop will interrogate mapping as a historical and contemporary practice. The workshop will encourage a differentiation of different mapping styles in the past, will ask for traces of tropical and colonial medicine in global maps of diseases and will shed light on the medical application of digital mapping technologies like GIS. But furthermore, the workshop intends to revisit the initial assumption structuring medical geography, big data visualizations and other mappings of spatial disease models that mapping adds a substantial layer of new information to historical narratives, statistical tables and hypothetical models. The question to be raised throughout the workshop is therefore: why do we map diseases and what kind of knowledge is acquired through mapping of past, present and future epidemic threats that can't be achieved otherwise?

Lukas Engelmann (CRASSH, Visual Plague)

Professor Alison Bashford (History)

Dr Shirlene Badger (Institute of Public Health)

Dr Kathryn Berger (Cambridge Veterinary School)

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