21 Oct 2015 5:00pm - 6:30pm LG18,Law Faculty, Sidgwick Site


This event is free and open to all. No registration is required.

Martti Ahtisaari, the  Humanitas Visiting Professor in Statecraft and Diplomacy 2015-16,  will give two public lectures,  participate in a Conversation with other invited speakers, and attend  a concluding symposium, based on the theme of How Can Peace be Made?.   This is the second of his two public lectures. In the lecture the underlying question is what the preconditions are for a successful conflict resolution process. How do you mediate and solve conflicts in a manner that creates solid and sustainable foundation for a society to continue, or begin, its life in peace? For a mediator it is important to understand how to deal with dignity of the parties and to ensure that the society has the grounds to move in the direction of true reconciliation and peace. In this work creating trust is everything. Peace is not implemented only by institutions, but by people.

Other events in this series:

Monday 19 October: : Preventing Conflicts and Building Fair Societies: What can we learn from the Nordic countries?

Thursday 22 October: In Conversation

Friday 23 October: How Can Peace be Made? Concluding Symposium


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About the Professorship

The Humanitas Chair in Statecraft and Diplomacy has been made possible by the generous support of Mrs Angelika Diekmann.

The Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Statecraft and Diplomacy aims to bring to Cambridge some of the world's leading practitioners in this general field. Using their personal experience and close engagement in contemporary events, they can provide a vivid and direct insight into vital areas of international affairs, where transparency is rarely available. They will also help to build bridges of interpretation and understanding between the theoreticians of international studies, and those most closely involved in shaping the initiatives and activities of nation states, alliances and international organisations in a period of global dynamism, uncertainty and change. This Visiting Professorship promises to help throw light on a profession famous for its discretion and the practice of its 'dark arts'.

Previous Humanitas Visiting Professor in Statecraft and Diplomacy

2014-15  Richard Haass (President of the Council on Foreign Relations)
2012-13: Gareth Evans (Chancellor of the Australian National University)
2011-12: Helen Clark (Administrator of United Nations Development Programme and Chair of United Nations Development Group; former Prime Minister of New Zealand)

Standing Committee

John Dunn (POLIS)
Christopher Hill (International Studies)
Sir Richard Dearlove (former Master, Pembroke College)
Simon Goldhill (Director, CRASSH)

Hosting College

Pembroke College

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