11 May 2015 1:30pm - 3:30pm Room SG1, Alison Richard Building.


Aga Tamiola (Artist – Berlin)

Born and raised in Stargard, Poland, Aga Tamioła is a multimedia artist living and working out of Berlin and London.  Her geographical and linguistic misplacement led her to focus on an audio-visual reflection on the aspects of loss, identity and belonging in the context of globalisation and new technologies. Aga’s nomadic approach to exploring the mutability of matter manifests itself in sculptural assemblages fusing materials and processes.
A very important part of Aga’s practice is collaboration. She looks for spaces to explore her own ideas in dialogue and experiments with others. In 2013, she co-founded the sonic arts collective Random Order. A collective of four artists whose practices expand from sculpture, film and performance into new technologies with immersive environments is currently exploring the notion of noise pollution both from anthropocentric and wildlife perspectives. Their research into noise pollution consists of collecting personal stories – both written and recorded – on what defines noise pollution and how it has affected people’s lives. The other spectrum of noise pollution, they are working on is the threat it constitutes to the welfare of wildlife. Random Order Collective is working on a body of works that offer a glimpse of the animal’s perspective as it comes under auditory assault from the tools and machines of man. From underwater drilling and deforestation to the everyday noises of homo urbanus, we look to experience the animal’s point of view on noise pollution. By sharing their experiences of the world through sound we can gain familiarity with the non-human spectrum of senses in order to bring a clearer understanding of the sonic impact our species has on the world around us.



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Part of the Civic Matter: Infrastructure as Politic, Research Group seminar series

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