22 Oct 2014 2:30pm - 4:30pm Room SG2, Alison Richard Building


The event will be chaired by Hildegard Diemberger (Social Anthropology) and Heather Cruickshank (Centre for Sustainable Development)

This event will take a slightly different format to our regular seminar-series in that it will be a collaborative discussion on the potentials – and pitfalls – of interdisciplinary engagement with Climate Change. The idea for this came out of the opening session of the new term, which featured a roundtable discussion on Fracking and a presentation by Susan Crate, both of which were extremely well-received.

After this event, we received many requests from people to have further discussion on the issues raised and so we would like to invite you to take part in an open, interdisciplinary, and informal dialogue about engaging with climate change outside the confines of academia. Please bring along your questions, ideas, and experiences which we can discuss, debate, and brainstorm together. In particular, we would like to explore the following issues:

– What is, and what 'should be', the relationship between academia and activism in the context of climate change?
– How can academics better influence the politics and policy of climate change?
– How can we better involve the local communities in which we work? (For e.g. how effective were Susan Crate's 'climate change booklets' distributed to local community members?)
– How can we, and should we, work more closely with non-governmental organisations?
– How can we publish the results of our research to articulate our findings outside our own disciplinary boundaries?



Open to all.  No registration required

Part of the Climate Histories Interdisciplinary Research Group Seminar Series

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