23 Apr 2015 2:00pm - 7:00pm Room SG1, Alison Richard Building


The First Annual Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network  Free for All Symposium on the Concept of Performance


A graduate symposium about performance as an interdisciplinary concept, for all those in Cambridge interested in, working with, or curious about, ideas of performance, performativity, or practice as a way of thinking or angle of approach….

Graduate students (MAs and Phds) from all parts of the university and all departments and faculties, including music, history, sociology, divinity, english, politics, classics, philosophy, history of art, architecture, psychology, linguistics, modern and medieval languages or medicine (etc.) are invited to submit short papers, presentations, or other provocations, with complete freedom to choose whatever discursive frame they think best, providing their presentation is locatable within the Sidgwick site.


All welcome. Many thanks to CRASSH for sponsoring this event as part of the CIPN (a Mellon/Newton Graduate Group).

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Introduction (Jonas Tinius)

First Panel
Marios Chatziprokopiou, PhD student, Aberystwyth University, Wales (Performance Studies)
The Performance and Politics of Lamentation by Shia Migrants in Greece
Neylan Bacioglu, PhD student, University of Cambridge (Art History)
On a 1976-77 Artists Placement Group (APG) project in the mining town of Peterlee and socially-engaged art practice in 1970s Britain. 




Second Panel

Dr Les Joynes,  FormLAB and Columbia University New York, Fellow of the Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN), UAL)
Nomadic Sites for Art and Performance’ – exploring transcultural gallery practices and the notions of local and global art communities
Dr Scott Head, Visiting Professor, UCL/Brazil (Anthropology)
Cutting relations: staging Dis-connection through performance, photography and ethnography – exploring the conception of performance as interruption, or how ‘to cite a text is to interrupt its context’ (Benjamin, on Brecht).


Tea Break (we don't provide refreshments but you are welcome to join us at the ARC café)


ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION ‘What is performance?’
Addressed – in seven minutes or less – by Dr Ben Griffin (History), Dr Jennifer Wallace (English), Dr Les Joynes (Fine Art), Dr John Hopkins (Music) and Dr Lorna Collins (Film/Critical Theory).
Followed by an intrapanel, then open discussion (chaired by Clare Foster)

All welcome. Many thanks to CRASSH for sponsoring this event as part of the CIPN (a Mellon/Newton Graduate Group).

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