18 Mar 2013 4:00pm - 6:30pm CRASSH, Seminar room SG2, Ground floor


Presented by Dr Manuela Perrotta (Visiting Fellow at the Department of Sociology and the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Reproduction Forum) (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Faculty of Humanities, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

This is a joint CIRF and ReproSoc event.

'The good, the true and the beautiful' is a short documentary on the cultural aspects of scientific images and their production. The film invites us to reflect on how imaging technologies have become crucial tools within the biosciences as well as in medical practice. Through questioning the scientific images status as objective witnesses of nature, the film also challenges us to consider the interdependence of science and culture in the production of new images and imaginations of the body.  The film, produced with support from the Norwegian Research Councils program Cultural values (KULVER), is a collaboration between film director Anwar Saab (1001 films) and the research project “Inside out. New Images and imagination about the body”, led by Professor Merete Lie, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. You can find out more about the film here: http://insideoutimaging.wordpress.com/film-project/.


Manuela Perrotta is postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She received a PhD in Sociology and Social Research in 2008 from the University of Trento (Italy). Her research is at the interface of Organization Studies and Science and Technology Studies. Her postdoctoral research focuses on how new visualization technologies are applied in the production of images on the level of cells, and how new knowledge of the interior of the body is produced and reproduced. Her research interests include assisted reproduction technologies, imaging production in science and medicine, sociology of the body, and methodologies of qualitative analysis. She has been part of the Editorial Board of Tecnoscienza – Italian Journal of Science and Technology Studies since 2010. From January till March 2013 she is visiting the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Reproduction Forum.


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