20 Feb 2013 9:00am - 12:00pm CRASSH



Dr Jenna Ng


Social media is more than a Facebook account or a blog. Today there are many social media platforms that can be used as effective and inexpensive tools for event management and/or for participation and work in the knowledge economy. These two workshops, conducted by a social media professional with more than 10 years of international experience, will develop and share effective practices, experiences, tools and platforms on managing real-time events across a range of social media in professional contexts related to culture, arts and the humanities.

Workshop 1: Event Management


  1. Identifying practical digital tools for using in event management – a list of 20
  2. The boundaries of space in mediating events; the virtual present and the presence virtual
  3. The ethics of crowd contributions, or, “Watch out, I am behind you!”
  4. Archiving the event; tagging, storing, streaming and collating
  5. Designing an event with digital infrastructure


Workshop 2: Knowledge Economy

  1. Participation and publication: A binary of the digital knowledge economy
  2. Tools for change: the digital components of professional life (branding, networks, readership)
  3. Working with digital tools creatively
  4. Researching in the digital knowledge economy
  5. Working across media in the creative digital knowledge economy

Both workshops are free of charge, but participants are required to apply for places as space is limited. As part of the application, participants are asked to briefly answer the following 3 questions:

(i) Why do you want to join the workshop? (50 words max)
(ii) What do you expect or hope to get from this workshop? (50 words max)
(iii) Do you have any events or digital projects planned for the future?(If so, please give brief details) (50 words max)

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 8 February 2013 and participants with confirmed places will be contacted by 13 February 2013. No previous digital or social media experience is required, and early career researchers in the Arts and Humanities are encouraged to apply. In view of the nature of the event as an interactive workshop, we will be particularly interested in participants who are looking to gain hands-on experience in understanding and using social media for event management.

Each workshop will have to be applied for separately. To apply please click the following links: Workshop 1 and Workshop 2. Participants are welcome to apply for one or both workshops.

For more information, please click here. Questions may also be directed to the workshop organiser, Dr Jenna Ng, at jpsn6 AT cam.ac.uk

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