8 Oct 2012 12:30pm - 2:00pm CRASSH Meeting Room


Part of the CRASSH Fellows Work in Progress Seminar Series.   All welcome, but please email Michelle Maciejewska if you wish to attend and request readings.  Sandwich lunch and refreshments provided.

Dr Christos Lynteris 
Mellon/Newton Postdoctoral Fellow October 2011 – July 2013
What Natives Can Not-Know: Medical Anthropological Enclosure and the Impotentiality of Knowledge
Email: cl537@cam.ac.uk


The seminar will examine how scientific interpretations of late 19th century and early 20th century Mongol and Buryat engagement with plague vectors in Inner Asia constitutes an act of epistemological enclosure that renders human life outside set boundaries of what cannot not-be-known unthinkable and unintelligible. Arguing against the medical anthropological mainstream seeking to establish the value of native knowledge in terms of Western scientific understandings of infectious diseases, the seminar will underline the importance of the impotentiality of knowledge as a subject for anthropological investigation.

About Christos Lynteris

Christos has been at CRASSH since October 2011. His research focuses on the neglected transregional socio-ecological aspects of pneumonic plague in Inner Asia. From Tibet through Qinghai, Mongolia and Manchuria, to the South Siberian steppes of Transbaikalia, societies as diverse as Buryat herders, Mongol hunters and Tibetan nomads share their environment with the natural reservoir of Yersinia pestis: marmots. His book The Spirit of Selflessness in Maoist China: Socialist Medicine and the New Man, Palgrave/Macmillan will be published in October 2012.

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