7 Mar 2011 12:45pm - 2:00pm CRASSH


Part of the CRASSH Fellows Work-in-Progress seminar series.  All welcome, no registration necessary.  Sandwich lunch and refreshments provided.

Professor Suman Gupta (English, the Open University)



It is well known that English is now the dominant medium of politics, commerce, media and communications, and is often regarded as the global lingua franca; that English language cultural products have the widest global circulations; and that a quarter of the world’s population uses English regularly. The ideological underpinnings of these developments are contentious, but the dominance of English is undeniable. If English Studies (ES) is understood broadly as the study of English language and linguistics as well as Anglophone literature and cultural studies (all increasingly intermeshed), it figures as a discipline in universities worldwide. The place of ES in the future university is likely to become more globally integrated and consolidated.


My current project is an attempt to conceptualise how ES may come to be modelled/practiced with its global remit in view. I engage closely with the interlingual and intercultural interfaces and influences which will become more central within ES. These include: ways in which local conditions are negotiated in ES pedagogy; the modes of circulation of ES scholarship between Anglophone and ordinarily non-Anglophone contexts; and the degree to which texts in English and other languages interact and cross over.



To access the Readings for the Work in Progress seminar, please contact Michelle Maciejewska.

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