1 Nov 201012:45pm - 2:00pmCRASSH


Part of the CRASSH Fellows Work-in-Progress seminar series.  All welcome, no registration necessary.  Sandwich lunch and refreshments provided.

Dr Jason Rentfrow (Social and Development Psychology, Fitzwilliam)


Personality captures an individual’s behavioural tendencies, emotionality and capacity to acquire new information. There is overwhelming evidence that personality affects many important life domains, from physical health to occupational success. Furthermore, several of the domains in which personality is manifest vary geographically (e.g., health, education, income). My work aims to establish connections between psychology and geography by mapping the geographical distribution of personality. Using data from a large nationwide study, I will examine the psychological profiles of British counties and investigate how personality is distributed across the UK. Using data from the Office for National Statistics, I will explore the relations between regional personality profiles and various social, economic, and health outcomes. The results from this project will shed light on such questions as: Are there regional differences in personality across Britain? And if so, do such differences contribute to regional variations in health, wealth, or happiness? Ultimately, this work seeks to establish connections across disciplines with the aim of informing our understanding of social behaviour.



To access the Readings for the Work in Progress seminar, please contact Michelle Maciejewska.

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