5 Nov 2010 All day CRASSH


Convenor: Dr David Lane (University of Cambridge)

Papers in the workshop examine the role of democracy promotion in China in the context of the post-1989 transformation from Party-led planned communist economies to a market type. The aim of the discussions will be to uncover the conditions which concurrently drove market and political reforms in communist societies and to clarify the relationship between economic market reforms and democratic political ones. Comparisons will be made between central and east European societies which have moved at the same time to economic markets and types of pluralist polities, and Chinese developments which have had continuous and led to successful market reforms but are still at a stage when pluralistic competitive forms of participation are a major point of political discussion.


Programme and Registration
Please use the link at the right hand side of the page to see the provisional programme and to book online. The standard rate is £10 for the day, which  includes refreshments and lunch, with a reduced student rate of £5.   The deadline for booking is Monday 1 November.

The workshop convenor is grateful to CRASSH, CEELBAS, CAmCrees, Emmanuel College,  and the Journal of Communist and Transition Studies for their support in the organisation of this event.

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