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The phenomenon of “reproductive tourism” has now become of undeniable global significance and demands rigorous academic engagement. Also referred to variously as “fertility tourism”, “transnational reproduction” or “reproductive exile”, cross border reproductive care (CBRC) is a 21st Century permutation on the ART landscape, facilitated and driven by the twin forces of commercialisation and globalization. The novel interactions, opportunities and challenges generated by the movements of increasing numbers of persons across national borders in the quest for conception form complex international choreographies, ranging considerably in motive, direction and character. While some paths of transnational reproduction are viewed as a “safety valve” enabling the demonstration of moral pluralism in motion, others amount to the exploitation of existing stratifications. CBRC is not just an innovative inter-relation of travel, consumerism and reproductive medicine, but also significantly impacts gender relations and family formation, and poses new dilemmas for regulatory bodies, clinicians, and those seeking fertility treatments.


This interdisciplinary workshop will bring together leading scholars working on CRBC from around the world to take part in a timely conversation across the disciplines. Together, we will investigate the emerging ethical, legal, economic, social and cultural issues surrounding the growth and globalisation of the phenomenon, synthesize our insights and develop an agenda for future research.


This is a closed workshop and attendance is limited to contributors.
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Sven Bergman (European Ethnology, Humboldt University)
Reproductive Borders, Agency, and Imagination: The Experience of Germans Seeking Egg Donation in Spain and the Czech Republic

Professor Eric Blyth (Human and Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield)
Experiences of Cross-Border Reproductive Care – implications for Counsellors and Mental Health Professionals

Professor Lorraine Culley and Dr Nicky Hudson (School of Applied Social Science, De Montfort University)
Reproductive Tourists? UK Trajectories of ART Travel

Professor Petra De Sutter (Reproductive Medicine, University Hospital Gent, Belgium)
Considerations for Clinics and Practitioners Treating Foreign Patients: Lessons from Experiences in Belgium

Susanna Graham (Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge)
Workshop reporter

Zeynep Gürtin-Broadbent (Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge)
Banning “Reproductive Tourism”? The Turkish Experience

Professor Marcia Inhorn (Anthropology and International Affairs and Council on Middle East Studies, Yale University)
Diasporic Dreaming: “Return Reproductive Tourism” to the Middle East

Dr Michal Nahman (Sociology, University of the West of England)
Transnational Reproduction: The Case of Israel and Romania

Dr Amrita Pande (Sociology, University of Cape Town)
Transnational Commercial Surrogacy in India: Gifts for global sisters?

Professor Guido Pennings and  Wannes Van Hoof (Bioethics Institute, Department of Philosophy, University of Ghent)
Evaluating the Reactions by States to Citizens Looking for Medically Assisted Reproduction Abroad

Professor Naomi Pfeffer (Honorary Fellow, Department of Science & Technology Studies, University College London)
“Eggsploitation”: what “Transplant Tourism” can tell us about “Reproductive Tourism”

Dr Francoise Shenfield (Reproductive Medicine Unit, UCLH, London and Coordinator of the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Task Force on CBRC)
Implementing a Code of Practice: Perspectives from the ESHE Task Force on CBRC

Dr Amy Speier (Anthropology, Eckerd College)
Meshworks: North American Patients Navigate their Journeys of Infertility

Professor Richard F. Storrow (CUNY School of Law)
Legal Aspects of Cross-Border Reproductive Care

Dr Sheryl Vanderpoel (WHO HQ, Geneva)
Placing CBRC within the Framework of Reproductive Rights and the WHO Reproductive Health Strategy

Dr Andrea Whittaker (School of Population Health, University of Queensland)
The new 'Sex Trade': PGD and Reproductive Travel to Thailand

Giulia Zanini (European University Institute)
Escaping Restrictions, Pursuing Reproduction: Italians’ Experiences of CBRC


Organised by:

Zeynep Gürtin-Broadbent


Centre for Family Research
and Convener, Cambridge Interdisciplinary Reproduction Forum (CIRF)

University of Cambridge


Marcia C Inhorn


William K. Lanman Jr. Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs
and Chair, Council on Middle East Studies
Yale University


Kindly supported by:

The Wellcome Trust (Grant number: WT093960MA)
The Rylands Fund, King's College, Cambridge
Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust (CPEST)
Yale University


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