Navneet is Communications Manager for the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy. She is responsible for establishing and overseeing a communication strategy on behalf of the Centre, helping to raise the profile and impact of research activity.

Navneet is a multidisciplinary strategic communications expert. She holds a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Alberta and an MA in Strategic Communications from King’s College London’s renowned Department of War Studies. She has worked on communications strategies for charities, elected representatives, higher education institutions, and think tanks in Canada and the UK.

Navneet’s work and personal ethos are influenced by art history, literature, and philosophy. She is particularly interested in narrative and storytelling in public policy, and how absurd, dystopian, and surrealist literature can inform policymaking. Her research explores how governments can provide more ethical policy solutions the issues of our time, especially grand existential problems, by engaging with the fictional stories that resonate with the public. Navneet believes bridging the gap between the literary and policy worlds can de-escalate polarisation, encourage more hopeful attitudes about the future of humanity, and produce policies that truly work for the people.

Outside of work, Navneet enjoys exploring art exhibitions and spending time in nature. She takes courses with the London Fine Art Studios and CityLit to develop her artistic practice, producing works in various mediums including collage, oil paints, and pastels. Her art portfolio is available online.


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