Jack Wright is a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the ERC-funded QUALITY project.

Jack’s research focuses on the epistemic and political effects of the social organisation of science and on the relationship between scientific knowledge and politics. As part of QUALITY he will explore the differential role different quantitative causal inference techniques play in politics.

Prior to joining CRASSH, Jack completed a doctorate in history and philosophy of science (Cambridge). In his doctorate (‘Pluralism and Social Epistemology in Economics’), he highlighted the negative epistemic and political consequences a lack of diversity and excessive hierarchy can have on social scientific research communities. Prior to his doctorate, Jack completed an MPhil is history and philosophy of science (Cambridge), an MSc in mathematics (Toronto), a graduate diploma in economics (LSE), and an MA in mathematics and philosophy (Edinburgh).

Selected Publications

Recent Publications

  • Jack Wright, ‘Are economists self-perceptions as epistemically superior self-defeating?’ In A Modern Guide to Philosophy of Economics, ed. Harold Kincaid and Don Ross. Edward Elgar (2021). Read Online.
  • Anna Alexandrova, Robert Northcott & Jack Wright, ‘Back to the big picture’, Journal of Economic Methodology (2021). Open Access.
  • Rosie Worsdale & Jack Wright, ‘My objectivity is better than yours: contextualising debates about gender inequality’, Synthese (2020). Open Access.
  • Jack Wright & Tiago Mata, ‘Epistemic Consultants and the Regulation of Policy Knowledge in the Obama Administration’ Minerva. (2020) Open Access.
  • Jack Wright, ‘Rescuing Objectivity: A Contextualist Proposal’, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 48, 4 (2018): pp. 385-406.

Selected Blogs and Popular Writing


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