David Der-wei Wang is Edward . Henderson Professor in Chinese Literature at Harvard University, Director of CCK Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinological Studies, and Academician, Academia Senica.  His specialties are Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Late Qing fiction and drama, and Comparative Literary Theory. Wang received his PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and he has taught at National Taiwan University and Columbia University.
Wang’s English books include Fictional Realism in 20th Century China: Mao Dun, Lao She, Shen Congwen (1992), Fin-de-siècle Splendor: Repressed Mondernities of Late Qing Fiction, 1849-1911 (1997), The Monster That Is History: Violence, History, and Fictional Writing in 20th Century China (2004); and his edited volumes include From May Fourth to June Fourth: Fiction and Film in 20th Century China, with Ellen Widmer, 1993), Running Wild: New Chinese Writers (1994), Chinese Literature in the Second Half of A Modern Century (with Pang-yuan Chi, 2000), Late Ming and Late Qing: Dynastic Decline and Cultural Innovation (with Wei Shang, 2006), Representing Taiwan (2006), Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule(2007, with Ping-hui Liao), Globalizing Chinese Literature (with Jin Tsu, 2010).  
Wang’s Chinese books include From Liu E to Wang Zhenhe: Modern Chinese Realist Fiction (1986), Heteroglossia: Chinese Fiction of the 30’s and the 80’s (1988); Reading Contemporary Chinese Fiction (1991); Narrating China (1993); The Making of the Modern; the Making of A Literature (1997); Methods of Imagining China (1998); After Heteroglossia: Reviews of Contemporary Chinese Fiction (2001); Into the Millennium: 20 Contemporary Chinese Fiction Writers (2002); The Monster That Is History (2005); Post-Loyalist Writing (2007); Mao Dun, Lao She, Shen Congwen: Fictional Realism in 20th Century China (2009); Lyricism and Chinese Modernity: Eight Lectures at Peking University (2010); Modern Chinese Lyrical Tradition: Four Essays (2011).


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