19 Feb 2021 12:00pm - 1:30pm ONLINE SESSION (UK time). Please note change of time and date.


This is an online event hosted via Zoom. If you are interested in participating or have any other questions, please contact Yuliya Hilevych.

'Health and the Environment' Reading Group

In this virtual reading group co-organised with the Geographies of Health, we would like to provide a forum for students, early career and senior researches to discuss the idea of how the environment gets under our skin when it comes to health disparities and inequalities, and how individuals can negotiate and navigate those dynamics. We would like to ask how individuals and collectives come to embody the socio-material affordances of the environments we live in and to what effects. We will base this discussion on two articles that from different perspectives bring together reflections on the unequal effects of urban segregation on people's health.


Connolly, C., Keil, R., Harris Ali, S. (2020) ‘Extended urbanisation and the spatialities of infectious disease: Demographic change, infrastructure and governance’, Urban Studies, 1-19. 

Roberts, E.F.S. (2017) ‘What Gets Inside: Violent Entanglements and Toxic Boundaries in Mexico City’, Cultural Anthropology, 32(4). 


This is an ongoing collaboration between HMA network and the Geographies of Health Reading Group.



This is a collaboration between Health, Medicine and Agency Research Network and the Geographies of Health Reading Group.
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