Raphaële Garrod


‘La Fabrique du Naturel’: defining and disciplining the ingenuous self in the ‘Grand Siècle’

Raphaële Garrod is a postdoctoral researcher in the ‘Genius Before Romanticism: Ingenuity in Early Modern Art and Science’ ERC project led by Dr Alexander Marr.

Her doctoral research – forthcoming with Brepols as Cosmographical Novelties: Dialectic and Discovery in Renaissance French Prose – described the role played by the loci, that is, the early modern logic of invention or discovery, in the discursive advent of cosmological and cosmographical novelties in the vernacular. The ‘Genius before Romanticism’ project gives her the opportunity to investigate the ‘natural’ component of early modern invention: the ingenium. Her project focuses on ingenuity-as-‘naturel’ in seventeenth-century France. While the Grand Siècle repeatedly acknowledged the innate powers of ingenium and elevated it to the status of aesthetic ideal – Pascal’s style naturel – the whole culture of the Age of Reason attempted to define systematically and discipline such nature: by shaping one’s naturel, styling’s one’s taste, and directing one’s mind. La Fabrique du naturel explores the contribution of the culture of seventeenth-century French ingenuity to the history of the emergence of the modern subject in general, and of the modern notion of literature in particular.


Before coming to CRASSH, Raphaële was a research associate on the History of Jesuit Emotions project at CHE – a revolutionary abbreviation for the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. There, she worked on theories of affects and their instantiations in the works of early modern French Jesuit Nicolas Caussin. She remains an honorary fellow of CHE.

Prior to her Jesuit investigations and in good dialectical fashion, Raphaële researched French Calvinists as a Junior Research fellow at Newnham College from 2009 to 2012. She completed her doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Neil Kenny in the French department at MML in 2011. She had started it as a Knox scholar at Trinity College in 2005.

Raphaële is agrégée de lettres modernes and taught French literature in French secondary schools for two years before moving to the United Kingdom in 2004.



  • Garrod, Raphaële, Cosmographical Novelties: Dialectic and Discovery in Renaissance French Prose (1575-1632), Early European Research (Turnhouts: Brepols, 2015), forthcoming
  • Garrod, Raphaële, Kathryn Murphy and Paul J. Smith (eds), Natural History in Early Modern France: The Poetics of an Epistemic Genre, Intersections (Leiden: Brill, Intersections, 2015), forthcoming.
  • Garrod, Raphaële, and Yasmin Haskell, Changing Heart: Performing Jesuit Emotions Between Europe, Asia and the Americas, Jesuit Studies (Leiden: Brill, 2015), forthcoming


Book Chapters

  • Garrod, Raphaële, ‘Conceptual Eclecticism and Ethical Prescription in Early Modern Jesuit Discourses about Affects: Caussin and Suárez on Maternal Love’ in Hearts and Minds: Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100-1800, ed. by Susan Broomhall, Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions (Leiden, Brill, 2015), forthcoming
  • Garrod Raphaële, ‘The Natural-Historical Rejuvenation of Emblematics: The Moral Pedagogy of Nicolas Caussin’s Polyhistor Symbolicus’, in Natural History in Early Modern France: The Poetics of an Epistemic Genre, ed. by R. Garrod, C. Murphy and P. J. Smith, Intersections (Leiden: Brill, 2015), forthcoming
  • Fruet, Raphaële, ‘Jesuit Teaching on the Topics: The First Book of the ‘De arte rhetorica libri tres’, in Commonplace Culture in Western Europe in the Early Modern Period I: Reformation, Counter-Reformation and Revolt, ed. by D. Cowling and M. Brun, Groningen Studies in Cultural Changes 39 (Leuven: Peeters, 2011), pp.19-38
  • Garrod, Raphaële, ‘Aristotelianism and Scholasticism’, in Brill’s Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World, ed. by J. Bloemendal, C. Fantazzi, and P. Ford, Renaissance Society of America 3, 2 vols (Leiden: Brill, 2014), I: 589-602

Genius before Romanticism, Researcher


September 2014 - June 2019


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