Nour Adel


Nour Adel is a visiting fellow at CRASSH 2016-2018.

While in Cambridge she will be researching how to set up a model of several financial ratios which will help in its turn to forecast the financial failure of UK cross-border acquisitions. The research's examples will focus on cross-border acquisitions that had been made by UK acquirers between 2005-2015. The main purpose of her research is to try to predict the financial failure of these investments two years before its actual happening, which will help to find out more about the actual reasons of their status. For example, many studies affirm that the failure of firms can be attributed to CEO overconfidence, leading them to make incorrect investment decisions and wasting the firm’s resources.

Dr. Adel spent the last five years as a lecturer in Aleppo University (Economics Faculty) teaching under and postgraduate students many different topics in corporate finance. Dr. Adel ‘s research interests focus on  studying and analyzing financial performance for organizations, mainly the European ones and specifically UK investments.


July 2016 - July 2018