Anna Alexandrova


Dr Anna Alexandrova is one of the Directors of the project, Limits of the Numerical. This project explores one of the most pressing sets of questions for modern social science and its relation to policy. What are the effects on a system of social policy when numerical quantification and evaluation is introduced into that system? How does the use of numerical evaluation exclude, trivialize or distort other systems of political, moral and social evaluation? What are the political and moral consequences of this shift towards numerical evaluation? These questions are addressed with respect to three distinct strands of social policy — education, climate change and healthcare — three areas where social science, policy and the gritty world of politics interact with intense urgency.
Anna Alexandrova is a philosopher of science who researches several areas all having to do with the importation and consequences of formal methods in social sciences. She has written on the nature and role of rational choice models in explanation of social phenomena and on the measurement of well-being. She is working on a book A Philosophy For The Science Of Well-being.

Limits of the Numerical, Director


February 2015 - August 2018


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