Performing Black Radicalism in a Colourblind World

16 January 2019, 12:00 - 14:00

Seminar Room SG1, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road

Rachell Sanchez Rivera (Centre of Latin American Studies, Cambridge)

This session will explore the global emergence of colourblind ideology, and how black radicalism has countered transnational political discourses of post-racialism, post-racism, and mixed-ness. We will have two speakers focusing on the Latin American emergence of 'mixed-ness' and how black radicals sought to resist this colourblind racial rule. We will then examine how this Latin American case is evident of more global processes of colourblindness which black radicals have transnationally mobilised against.


Costa, A. E. D. (2016) 'Thinking "Post-Racial" Ideology Transnationally: The Contemporary Politics of Race and Indigeneity in the Americasally: ', Critical Sociology, 42(4–5), pp. 475–490.

Miller, M. G. (2009) Rise and Fall of the Cosmic Race: The Cult of Mestizaje in Latin America. Austin, TEX: University of Texas Press.



Open to all. No registration required
Part of International Black Radicalism Research Network series