‘Other People’s Children’

3 May 2017, 17:15 - 19:00

Arthur Goodhart Lecture Theatre (LG19), Faculty of Law

This public lecture is free and open to all. To confirm your attendance, please sign up for a ticket here

Speaker: Patricia J. Williams (Columbia University)

Patricia Williams will remark on tensions between discourses of universalised longing for human identity, human rights, unbounded, globalised connection – and the traumatised and traumatising language of dislocation and dis-identification with ever more fragmented categories of 'other'.

'Other People’s Children' is part of the CRASSH Impact event series, Law, Race, Gender and Public Policy. Other events include 'In Conversation: Paul Gilroy and Patricia Williams' (2 May 2017) and a conversation between Patricia Williams and Heidi Mirza, 'Black Life, Law, Love and Survival in Times of Trump and Brexit' (4 May 2017).