Mellon Newton Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research Fellowship


This Fellowship has now finished and will not be continued.

Two-year interdisciplinary Post-doctoral Research Fellowships based at CRASSH.  The programme, funded jointly by the Mellon Foundation and the Isaac Newton Trust, is aimed at researchers working in any field of the arts, social sciences or humanities. The fellowships enable post-doctoral fellows to consolidate their research and publication record while developing a related project or initiative at CRASSH during their two-year fellowship. Since its start, the programme has appointed six fellows and information about previous and current fellows can be found on the CRASSH website.

Fellows are expected to propose a research project that should relate to the Centre’s theme for 2013-15, The Location of Knowledge.  As well as conducting their own research, Fellows are expected to initiate or co-ordinate a project at CRASSH. Such projects might include: convening a cross-disciplinary Graduate/Faculty research group; organising workshops, colloquia, or a conference in their field; creating an interdisciplinary research network; spearheading a collaborative cross-School or inter-institutional research initiative.  Like most post-doctoral fellows at Cambridge, they can at their discretion take on some tutorial teaching if they wished, to a maximum of 4-6 hours per week.  Fellows report to the Director, Professor Simon Goldhill, and in addition are assigned an appropriate Faculty mentor or mentors to link them to the wider research and teaching context in their field(s).




Yolana Pringle
The International Committee of the Red Cross, race, and Africa, 1935-80

Alexia Yates
Locating Finance

Alison Wood
From ‘Faith to Reason’: conflict and the conversion narrative in Britain (1860-1910)

Alexi Baker
British technology in the age of empire and exploration: reconciling locations of production and use during the long eighteenth century

Jonathan Mair
Speaking ethically across borders: Moral reasoning and practice in transnational Chinese Buddhism

Erik Niblaeus
Local Priests on the Edge of Empire: The Rural Church and Parish Formation in the Eastern and Northern Marches of Germany, c. 1000-1200

Christos Lynteris
Transregional flows: the social ecology of pneumonic plague in Inner Asia

Simon Mills
The English Levant Company: Exploration and Scholarship in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England