20 Years CRASSH Online Art Exhibition

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Global Conversations Exhibition

16 August – 31 December 2021

This exhibition on the theme of 'Global Conversations' has been created from an international open call for art and is part of CRASSH's 20th anniversary programme.

Curated by:

Prerona Prasad (Curator, Heong Gallery)
Harriet Loffler (Curator, New Hall Art Collection)
Steven Connor (Director, CRASSH)
Judith Weik (CRASSH and Art at the ARB)



Samin Ahmadzadeh, Gökçen Ataman Tanyer, Jan Ayton, Antony Barkworth-Knight*, Max Bloomfield, Jane Boyer, Anna Brownsted, Alexander Curry, Nick Dittrich, EXILIO, Wuchao Feng, Robert Good, Alexander Hamilton, Laurel Hauge, Dameng He, Sam Healy*, Barbara Howey, Wanja Kimani, Jennifer Kirner, Conor Miller*, Bea Montero, MUD Collective, Anna Karoline Mueller, Yelena Popova, Rebecca Rae-Evans*, Asia Stewart, A R E Taylor, Albeiro R Tomedes, Ian Tothill, Rob Turner*, Marina Velez, Tijera S Williams


Open Call for Art


Competition CLOSED