13 Apr 2023 15:00 - 17:00 Online


We are excited to be joined by Sonja Brentjes to celebrate the publication of Routledge Handbook on the Sciences in Islamicate Societies: Practices from the 2nd/8th to the 13th/19th Centuries, edited by Sonja Brentjes, Peter Barker, and Rana Brentjes. 2023.

This event will feature interventions from a broad panel of speakers, and a question and answer session.


  • Sonja Brentjes
  • José Luis Alexis Rivera Duque
  • Nahyan Fancy
  • Amir Mohammad Gamini
  • Gottfried Hagen
  • Simon Mills
  • Jeffrey Oaks
  • Liana Saif
  • Dror Weil


  • Liba Taub
  • Justin Stearns


  • Taha Yasin Arslan
  • Rana Brentjes
  • Constantin Canavas
  • Fabian Käs
  • Götz König
  • Miquel Forcada Nogues
  • Lutz Richter-Bernburg
  • Nathan Sidoli
  • Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim
  • Arash Zeini

Attendance is free but please register to receive the link for the Zoom session.

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About the Editors

Sonja Brentjes is a historian of science in Islamicate societies and Christian Europe; she is an affiliated scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. Her research includes the history of the mathematical sciences, mapmaking, institutions, cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and the involvement of the arts in the sciences. Among her recent publications are Teaching and Learning the Sciences in Islamicate Societies, 800–1700 (2018); Brentjes, S., Edis, T. and Richter-Bernburg, L. 1001 Distortions: How (Not) to Narrate the History of Science, Medicine and Technology in Non-Western Cultures (2016) and Brentjes, S. “MS Paris, Bibliothèque des Missions Étrangères 1069: The French-Arabic Dictionary of François Pétis de la Croix (1653–1713)?” Mediterranea. International journal on the transfer of knowledge, 6 (2021), 57–84.

Peter Barker (Associate Editor) is Professor in the Department of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Oklahoma, USA. His research includes applying insights from cognitive psychology to conceptual change, and historical studies of the positive role of religion in early modern science and the cultural settings of major figures from the Scientific Revolution. Since learning Persian, he has begun work on knowledge exchanges between Safavid Persia and Mughal India. His recent publications include: “The Social Structure of Islamicate Science,” Journal of World Philosophies, 3 (2017): 37-47; “The Copernican Revolution since Kuhn,” in Wray K. B. (ed.) Interpreting Kuhn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021, 145-64, and “East-West Passages: European Interest in Islamicate Astronomy during the Scientific Revolution,” in Mehl, É. et Pantin, I. (eds.), De mundi recentioribus phænomenis: Cosmologie et science dans l’Europe des Temps modernes, XVe-XVIIe siècles. Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming.

Rana Brentjes (Assistant Editor) is a photo designer and curator with a MA in contemporary art history and has submitted her PhD thesis in contemporary German history at Goldsmith College, London. She has curated art exhibitions in Berlin and Brandenburg, written on Palestinian cinematography and co-edits Imagining the Heavens across Eurasia from Antiquity to Early Modernity (2023). Currently, she is digital content curator of the research group “Visualization and Material Cultures of the Heavens” in Department III at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin.

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