Thoughtlines Podcast Episode 9: Anna Alexandrova – We Are What We Question

21 September 2021


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Episode 9: Anna Alexandrova – We are what we question

In this episode, we ask an expert on expertise what she knows for sure.

Dr Anna Alexandrova is a Reader in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, and the principal investigator for the Expertise Under Pressure project at CRASSH.

Her latest research is co-authored with people currently in severe financial hardship, and combines their insights and lived experiences with conventional academic approaches to articulate a more authentic, democratic understanding of what it means to truly ‘flourish’ – work which could have significant impact on the government’s current wellbeing agenda.

At a moment when expertise, globally, is under extreme pressure how can we make space for different ways of knowing? Is it reasonable to expect cast-iron certainty from our public experts? And what did Dr Alexandrova learn as a teenager that has shaped her whole career?

Thoughtlines is presented by broadcast journalist Catherine Galloway and produced by Carl Homer of Cambridge TV.

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Learn more:

Follow Anna Alexandrova and the Expertise Under Pressure team on Twitter via @ExpertiseUnder

Anna’s writings can be found on her PhilPeople profile and her webpage. Her 2017 book A Philosophy for the Science of Well-being is now available in paperback.

You can find out about her ongoing work on responsible science of wellbeing by following the Bennett Institute for Public Policy @BennettInst.

Some recent articles include Wellbeing and PluralismHappiness Economics as Technocracy and Mental Health Without Wellbeing.

And read more about national poverty charity Turn2Us and the co-production research work mentioned in this episode.