3 Apr 2021 3:00pm - 4:00pm Online


Cambridge Festival Event


Please visit the ROAR online exhibition and watch the pre-recorded conversation before attending this event.

The book ROAR by artists Rosanna Greaves and Marina Velez is part of broad aesthetic and critical conversations about sustainability. The title of the book, ROAR, refers to both a primordial expression and a voice that deserves to be heard. 

The conversation between the collaborators is intended to reflect on the works created to respond to themes of sustainability and art. The collaborators will explore themes like the intense suffering of the born ones, including other species, that is created by catastrophe capitalism and the current modes of living together, propelled by the status quo apparatus that advocates for radical simplification of very complex issues. This conversation will address how the works engage with the complexity and interconnectivity of the themes and how the book seen as an art book (or an exhibition in the form of a book) can bring about new stories that help us imagine ways of developing responsibility towards each other, other species and the environment.

Book Collaborators:
Maria Rebbeca Ballestra with Camilla Boemio, Fiona Parry, Kai Lossgott, Angelika Boeck and Uli Aigner, Michael Hrebeniak, Lisa Wilkens, Marina Velez, Rosanna Greaves and Tom Greaves, Kelcy Davenport, Nawrast Sabah Abd Alwahab, Sally Stenton and Sarah Strachan, Stefano Cagol with M.I Franklin, Luba Kuzovnikova, Alessandro Castiglioni and Iara Boubnova 


First published 2019
art.earth, Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Design and layout by Klara Foldys, Berlin


In association with Art at the Alison Richard Building.

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