Are Social Sciences Special? Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

28 June 2022 - 29 June 2022

Location to be announced

This conference is a joint venture between the 'Expertise Under Pressure' project and the 'Philosophy of Science and Epistemology' group at the University of Vienna. It is organised jointly by Martin Kusch (Vienna), Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge) and Federico Brandmayr (Cambridge). The conference will explore the history of 'exceptionalism' (the idea that the social sciences operate by fundamentally different rules to the natural sciences), its contemporary status, and its role in today's social sciences.

Conference Speakers

Gabriel Abend (University of Lucerne)

Anna Alexandrova (University of Cambridge)

Mark Bevir (University of California, Berkeley)

Jason Blakely (University of Pepperdine)

Federico Brandmayr (University of Cambridge)

Matei Candea (University of Cambridge)

Uljana Feest (Leibniz University Hannover)

Wolf Feuerhahn (The CNRS)

Emily Hauptmann (Western Michigan University)

Inkeri Koskinen (University of Helsinki)

Martin Kusch (University of Vienna)

Thomas Uebel (University of Manchester)


Full programme details to follow.

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