Translation and Colonisation in Israel/Palestine

30 January 2020, 14:30 - 16:30

Audit Room, King’s College, King's Parade CB2 1ST (NB different room and day)

Kifah Abdul Halim (Journalist, translator and producer)
Eyad Barghouti (Translator, writer, scholar, TA University)
Yonatan Mendel (Translator, scholar, Ben Gurion University)

Chair: Hana Morgenstern (Cambridge University)

A conversation with members of the Palestinian-Jewish Literary Translation Collective, Maktoob, which translates and publishes major works of Palestinian and Arabic literature in Hebrew.
We will discuss translation, cultural erasure and language politics in the context of colonialism and conflict in Palestine/Israel.

For more information and to receive seminar readings, please contact: Mezna Qato

Open to all. No registration required.
An event organised by Archives of the Disappeared: Discipline and Method Amidst Ruin Network
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