What and Who Causes Health Inequalities?

8 November 2019, 12:00 - 14:00

HPSS Library, Hardy Building (First floor, Room 108), Downing Site. Please note change of day and venue

Joint Reading Group with Geographies of Health


*Please read papers by McCartney et al (2013) and Cheshire (2012) to be able to participate in the discussion; the remaining suggestions are optional.

  • An introductory article with reference to theories and policy:
    McCartney, G., Collins, C. and Mackenzie, M. (2013) ‘What (or who) causes health inequalities: Theories, evidence and implications?’, Health Policy, 113: 221-227.
  • Interactive map showing life expectancy inequalities in London (paper and link to map):
    Cheshire, J. (2012) ‘Featured graphic. Lives on the line: mapping life expectancy along the London Tube network’, Environment and Planning A, 44: 1525-1528.
  • Map: https://bit.ly/2kuqT3D

Additional Readings:

  • A quantitative study of inequalities in premature mortality:
    Thomas, B., Dorling, D. and Smith, G.D. (2010) ‘Inequalities in premature mortality in Britain: observational study from 1921 to 2007’, BMJ, 341:
    c3639. doi:10.1136/bmj.c3639
  •  A qualitative ethnographic study of perspectives on health inequalities in North East England:
    Garthwaite, K. and Bambra, C. (2017) ‘”How the other half live”: Lay perspectives on health inequalities in an age of austerity’, Social Science & Medicine, 187: 268-275.
  • Other key books if people are interested in reading further/a more international perspective:
    Marmot, M. (2016) The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World. iDiscover
    Bambra, C. (2016) Health divides: where you live can kill you. iDiscover

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