Patient Needs: Conceptualisation

22 October 2018, 17:00 - 19:00

Seminar Room, SG1, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road

Reading group

The first reading group session is aimed at understanding different dimensions of ‘patient needs’. We will discuss this topic using the concepts such as medicalisation bottom-up, biological citizenship, social justice, and patient-citizen-consumers.
The discussion will also be framed by the political desire to build healthy nations, highlighting in particular the personalisation of medicine in a neoliberal context.


Biehl, J. (2013). The judicialization of biopolitics: Claiming the right to pharmaceuticals in Brazilian courts. American Ethnologist, 40(3), 419-436.

Petryna, A. (2004). Biological citizenship: The science and politics of Chernobyl-exposed populations. Osiris, 19, 250-265.

Rose, N., & Novas, C. (2005). Biological citizenship. Global assemblages: Technology, politics, and ethics as anthropological problems, 439-463. (Also available on-line as a working paper)

All the readings are freely available on-line. You can also contact Yuliya Hilevych to receive the readings by email.




Open to all.  No registration required
Part of Health, Medicine and Agency Research Network Seminar series

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