Digital Imaging, Modelling, Making and Interpretation of 3D Cultural Heritage Objects and Replicas

15 March 2018, 10:00 - 16:30

New Court Funtion Room, Christ's College and Education Seminar Room, Fitzwilliam Museum

An all-day workshop organised by Cambridge Digital Humanities and the Fitzwilliam Museum, with the support of the University of Cambridge’s Arts and Humanities Impact Fund.

Guest speakers:

Dr Paola di Giuseppantonio di Franco, Eastern ARC Fellow in the Digital Humanities, University of Essex
Jonathan Beck, Project Manager for the ScanTheWorld Initiative, MyMiniFactory (
Stephen Dey, Owner, ThinkSee3D (
Anaïs Aguerre, Director, ReACH project (
Dr Donal Cooper, Senior Lecturer in Italian Renaissance Art, University of Cambridge

The workshop will bring together experts in a range of topics related to the study of, and interaction with, three-dimensional museum objects and their replicas.

We will be exploring, in particular, the way in which 3D sensing, digital modelling and the production of replicas can support and enhance our study and interpretation of 3D objects. The public's perception and they ways in which people interact with these objects will also be considered.

Our guest speakers will present the state-of-the-art of research in these fields and discuss best practices for the choice of suitable, affordable and impactful solutions. The workshop participants will be asked to work together and issue a ‘creative challenge’ to design and produce objects inspired by a selection of polychrome wooden sculptures in the Fitzwilliam Museum collection, which will be advertised to members of Cambridge’s Community Workshop MakeSpace and more broadly, to interested industrial and academic parties.

The afternoon session, held at the Fitzwilliam Museum, will include a hands-on 3D scanning exercise, for which participants are invited to bring their own device (camera or phone).

Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance here or via the online registration link on this page.


Welcome and ice breaker activity


Introduction: Anne Alexander and Paola Ricciardi


Talk: Paola di Giuseppantonio di Franco (followed by Q&A)


Talks (10 minutes each):

Jonathan Beck, ScanTheWorld
Stephen Dey, ThinkSee3D
Anaïs Aguerre, ReACH project

followed by round-table discussion moderated by Donal Cooper




Work in small groups – creative challenge


Summing up: Donal Cooper


Walk to Fitzwilliam Museum


Hands-on 3D scanning workshop at Fitzwilliam Museum (Education Seminar Room)


Workshop ends