Performing Knowledge: The Mediating Body

18 January 2016, 17:00 - 19:00

Seminar Room SG1, Alison Richard Building

Dr Satinder P. Gill (CMS, University of Cambridge)
Michael Byrne (CMPCP, University of Cambridge)


Drawing from the fields of experimental psychology and dance, Dr Satinder P. Gill (CMS, University of Cambridge) and Michael Byrne (CMPCP, University of Cambridge) will interrogate some of the ways in which the body operates as a site of interactional sense-making, meaning and memory during performance.

Satinder Gill is a research affiliate of the Centre for Music and Science at the University of Cambridge, and the author of the recently published Tacit Engagement: Beyond Interaction (2015). Gill’s extensive work explores the processes that underlie knowledge transfer in human interaction, the function of rhythm in facilitating human communication, and the dynamics of technologically-mediated interaction.

Michael Byrne performs regularly within the narrative works of The Royal Ballet as an actor, and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge. Addressing themes of ageing and intergenerational creativity within Robert Helpmann’s 'lost' dance-dramas, Byrne’s research examines the ways in which the embodied histories of senior dancers can be reclaimed and enlivened on/off stage.



Open to all.  No registration required.

Part of the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network (CIPN), series.

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