City Seminar. Theme 2013-14

20 October 2013, 17:30 - 19:00


Theme 2013-14   Mobilising Cities

Cities have long been associated with mobility. Countless circulations take place within, between, in and out of cities: power, labour, capital, information, transportation, sewage, to name only a few. The 2013-2014 City Seminar series seeks to examine the mobilising of cities. Exemplary is the "kinetic city", a term coined by Rahul Mehrotra to describe urban informality. The term identifies an indigenous, transient and fluid city that grows incrementally and finds its expression in an ever-shifting streetscape of processions, festivals, street hawkers and street dwellers. The kinetic city stands in contrast to the planned, formal city and allows for the agency of groups generally excluded from the planning process to shape the physical space and social functions of the city. "Mobilising Cities" opens discussions into such assemblages of power in urban realms, but also addresses the diffusion and suffusion of knowledge about cities.

The seminar series embraces trans- and interdisciplinary discourse by spanning the fields of architecture, anthropology, geography, history, urban planning, economics, and cognate fields and by revisiting the assumed tensions between individual/social, urban/rural, historical/contemporary, theoretical/applied.


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