11 Mar 2011 4:00pm - 6:00pm Seminar Room 1, Dept of History and Philosophy of Science, Free School Lane.


Rob Weatherill (Psychoanalytic psychotherapist and lecturer in psychoanalysis St. Vincent's University College Hospital, Trinity College and the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology)

There was a Lacanian story about a child whose mother gave him everything he wanted when he wanted it, and, as a result, this child never spoke. More generally in our culture, myriad needs are identified, isolated, promoted and then provided for, by the Market. The rule is: /there must be no lack/. However, this widespread disavowal of negativity has led to an anaemic unreal world of semblances that contemporary psychoanalysis speaks out against. Using a number of illustrative examples, this widespread loss of the Real will be addressed, reviving a hidden world of conflict and antagonism which analysis welcomes and theorizes about without attempting re-covery. But, how ideological is this?



Forgetting Freud. Is Psychoanalysis in Retreat? Forthcoming. AcademicaPress (California) 2011.
This work continues the psychoanalytic critique of therapy culture developed in Our Last Great Illusion.
Imprint Academic (Exeter) 2004, turning critical attention here on psychoanalysis itself. Drawing on the work Freud, Klein, Bion, Lacan, Laplanche, Z(iz(ek and others, the author also cites informed critics of psychoanalysis such as Levinas, Baudrillard, Borsh-Jacobsen, Nabakov, Steiner, Heidegger and others to develop a complex debate about
psychoanalysis and ethics in the context of post-modernism relativism and indifference.




Part of the Health and Welfare Research Group seminar series. 
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