The Financial Crisis: Past, Present & Future

29 January 2009, 18:15 - 19:45

Judge Business School, LT1 (Trumpington St)

Keynote Address

Jean-Paul Votron  (Former CEO of Fortis)

From 2004-2008 Fortis CEO Jean Paul Votron helped the Belgian-Dutch group grow to become among Europe's largest banks and financial services providers. As one of Europe's most respected business figures, his transformation of Fortis culminated in the 2007 €24 billion partial takeover of ABN Amro.  But as the cascading events of the financial crisis unfolded, and under growing pressure, Votron resigned in July 2008. As the keynote speaker for "The CRASH @ CRASSH: Real and Unreal Money", he will share his insights into the global financial crisis, giving us an insider's view from the very center of events as they unfolded and as they continue to shake economies and politics worldwide.


The lecture is open to all.  No registration required.  Free event  


Registration for the conference , The Crash at CRASSH: Real and Unreal Moneyis now closed.

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