Sound and the City - Interdisciplinary Perspectives

22 February 2008



Uta Staiger (Department of German and Dutch)

Henriette Steiner (Department of Architecture)

Benjamin Morris(Department of Archaeology)


Over the past year, the Cambridge University City Seminar at CRASSH has explored diverse and enlivening topics in the study of cities, urban space, architecture, and visual and material culture. These topics have ranged widely in time and space, from predictions for the age of the supermetropolis to the use of digital technology in architectural space to an analysis of Mussolini's use of Rome's imperial past in the construction of its present.



Out of these encounters emerged an aspiration to allow for a more intense investigation of a particular area within this field. This found its preliminary culmination in a one-day conference hosted by the City Seminar organisers at CRASSH in Lent term 2008. Taking as its theme the intersection of sound and the city, this seminar seeked to present theoretical, artistic and empirical accounts of the complex relationships between acoustics, sensory awareness and performance in the context of urban space, landscape and the built environment (historic and contemporary).



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