We are excited to announce that Radically Legal: Berlin Constitutes the Future by the 2022/23 Nine Dots Prize winner Joanna Kusiak, is now available in bookshops and online, published by Cambridge University Press.

A work of creative non-fiction, Radically Legal tells the story of a grassroots movement that deployed a forgotten clause in the German constitution to secure and win a referendum to take 240,000 homes back from multi-million Euro corporations.

Moving between political, historical and philosophical analysis and her own personal story, Kusiak analyses strategies for turning popular anger into a constructive force that can radically transform the system, rather than simply destroying it, and explains the success of a movement that has built mass support across partisan divisions.

Portrait of Joanna Kusiak with the cover of her book.

Foto @ Andy Bate

Press and publicity


  • The launch of the book was celebrated with an event at King’s College, Cambridge, where Joanna is a Junior Research Fellow. She was interviewed by King’s College Provost, Gillian Tett, and carried the hopeful message that radical change is possible through the ’emotional alchemy of transforming anger into joy’.
  • On 26 June, she will discuss her book with Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School) in an online event hosted by CRASSH.

Where to get your copy of the book

About Joanna Kusiak

Cambridge-based Joanna Kusiak is a scholar-activist. Born in Poland, she has been shaped by the emancipatory tradition of the Solidarność movement and by the brutality of the neoliberal transformation. Her work focuses on urban land, housing crises, and the progressive potential of law. In 2021 she was one of the spokespeople of Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen, Berlin’s successful referendum campaign to expropriate stock-listed landlords. She also writes and performs poetry.

About the Nine Dots Prize

The Nine Dots Prize is a prize for a book that has not yet been written. Every two years, its Board sets a question and invites people to respond with a 3,000-word essay and a book proposal. The winner receives US$100,000, which enables them to spend time researching, developing their ideas, and turning their essay response into a full-length book which is published by Cambridge University Press.



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