20 Years CRASSH: Caring for Others

Wide-ranging interdisciplinary perspectives on 'caring for others' – a collection of material from our archive.

A playlist from our archive on the theme of 'Caring for Others', created within the context of CRASSH's 20th anniversary.


Steven Eastwood: Images of Care and Dying

Images of Care and Dying Research Group




Mike Levy: On Their Mettle - Professor Robert and Mrs Sybil Hutton and the Rescue and Care of Cambridge Refugees

Cambridge: City of Scholars, City of Refuge (1933-1945) Conference




Toby Parsloe: The Politics of Refugee Shelter Placement and Development in Berlin

The Politics of Social Protection: Is it really the Citizens vs. the Vulnerables? Conference  (audio only)




Panel Discussion | The Subversive Good - Curating Kinship: Forcing Spaces of Learning and Encounter

The Subversive Good: Disrupting Power, Transcending Inequalities Research Network (audio only)




Ashley Moffett and Meghan Vaughan: New Approaches to Maternal Mortality In Africa

Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa Conference




Marilyn Strathern: Taking Care of a Concept: Anthropological Reflections on the Assisted Society

CRASSH 'Understanding Society' Lecture Series




Valerie Bradley: The Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers: Entailments and Ramifications for People with Disabilities

The Right to Science Symposium (gloknos)




Ashok Ranchhod: Games, Health and Cancer

Arts & Science Researcher Forum




Mette Louise Berg and Ben Gidley: Welfare, Neighbourhood and New Geographies of Diversity

City Seminar Research Group (audio only)




Nazia Habib-Minz and Katrin Glatzel: Paris 2015: Securing Food in a Changing Climate

Food: Field to Table? Research Group (audio only)




Panel Discussion | Fostering Ethics: Care of Children in Islamic Law and Society

Fostering Ethics: Islam, Adoption and the Care of Children Conference


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Posted: Wednesday 2 June 2021

Contributor: CRASSH News

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