The Research Networks are the engine room of CRASSH’s intellectual project. This programme supports groups of Cambridge graduate students, Cambridge based academics (CTOs/UTOs) and postdoctoral researchers working together with a common interdisciplinary research interest, bringing together early-career researchers, established academics and guest speakers on particular research topics for a year of collaborative work. Groups range in size from reading groups to full-scale symposia. Experimental forms of engagement are encouraged. Since its inception in 2006, the programme has hosted 68 Networks.

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Research Networks trailers

These trailers give a flavour of the wide variety of research the Networks enable and the connections researchers are able to forge.

Network events

Networks produce a wide variety of events, from reading groups to seminars and from small workshops to full symposia. Many events are recorded and can be found in this media collection. A few highlights:


Some Research Networks give rise to books and publications. Here are a few Q&As with some of the authors:

Translation and Multimodality book launch at CRASSH, Cover of ‘The Bad Trip’ by James Riley. Photo by Esther Lamb

Blog posts

A sample of blog posts by Research Networks:

Decolonising the Curriculum NetworkNetworks welcome lunch 2019
Writing Dance Workshop
Left to right: Decolonising the Curriculum Network, Networks Welcome lunch at CRASSH, Writing Dance Workshop event, The Politics of Economics Network
Photos by Imke van Heerden and Judith Weik


Being able to run regular seminars was of great benefit to the development of our research. We were also able to build our network and base of contacts. A number of the outputs we have completed thus far are directly linked to the connections we made via the group. Mud and Flame (2019), an edited volume on the film Penda’s Fen featuring a long essay by Yvonne Salmon is the most recent. The Bad Trip (2019), a cultural history of the late-1960s by James Riley also benefitted greatly from the forum provided by regular Alchemcial Landscape seminars. We will soon be publishing Territories (2020), a prose collection based on the events we have mounted thus far under the aegis of the project. Later in the year we will also release the text and sound collection Headlands (2020) a publication which, again, was developed while the project was hosted at CRASSH.
– The Alchemical Landscape (2016 – 2019)

CRASSH’s financial support enabled us to invite two guest speakers a term, and the talks proved very popular with a broad audience. Aside from this, CRASSH afforded us a visibility that helped to attract students at the undergraduate as well as the graduate level, and researchers from a broader base of disciplinary fields than we had previously thought possible – in particular outside of the fields of arts and visual culture. During the year, we broadened our participant base to departments such as History and Philosophy of Science, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Philosophy, and Classics. Having a platform to publish regular blog entries also enabled us to reflect further on the discussion which had taken place in a seminar setting, to keep track of the research goals achieved, and to share them more widely.
– Digital Art (2017-2019)

The ‘Things’ seminar series provides a stimulating and sociable meeting place for scholars interested in material culture, and interdisciplinary research inside and outside of Cambridge. The funding CRASSH provides offers us the opportunity to compensate for travel expenses of nearby scholars, thereby allowing us to bring cutting-edge ‘Things’ research to Cambridge.
– Imaginative Things: Curious Objects (2011 – 2018)

The CIPN Network has enriched and expanded our personal research projects in Cambridge. It has provided an excellent opportunity to become aware of diverse voices within the spectrum of performance and theatre and their applicability to human life in general. We hope that the Network continues being a space for intellectual curiosity and inquiry within the realm of Performance studies.
– Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network (2013 – 2019)



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