Dr Eleanor Dare is a CDH Methods Fellow and Associate Researcher for the Forensic AI project lead by Dr Leonardo Impett. The aim of the project is to identify, analyse, and mitigate cultural biases within AI-powered computer vision systems by employing methodologies from the digital humanities, digital art history, and digital visual studies.

Eleanor was formerly the co-convenor for MPhil; Arts, Creativity and Education at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education as well as Senior Teaching Associate for Educational Technologies, Arts and Creativity.

Eleanor is also the co-founder – with Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice – of the Storytelling studio and consultancy, X||rdinary Stories, working with industry and academia to research and develop experiential projects involving emerging technologies. Eleanor is an active developer of Games, AI and VR content, a computer programmer with an MSc and PhD in Arts and Computational Technology. Eleanor was formerly Reader in Digital Media and Head of Programme for MA Digital Direction at the RCA. Eleanor has extensive experience with by practice investigation of AI, interaction design and digital education. Eleanor has taken part in numerous exhibitions and has published dozens of papers addressing computation, AI, Education, Games and digital interaction. These include chapters in MIT’s Leonardo, ACM Interactions, Routledge, Sage and Intellect Books.

Eleanor Dare’s research addresses the implications of digital technology and virtuality as a material for collaboration, critical-educational games development, performance, worldbuilding and pedagogic experimentation. Eleanor has been involved in several AHRC, EPSRC, ESRC, Arts Council, British Council funded projects investigating aspects of virtual and extended reality as well as projects with the Mozilla Foundation (AI-Musement/Monstrous 2022-2023), Theatre in the Mill Bradford (Bussing Out, 2022) and the Big Telly Theatre Company (via the Arts Council of Northern Ireland) for Rear Windows.

Specific research projects include: 2023-2024 UKRI Natural Environment Research Council, Digital Voices of the Future: Children’s visions of future UK treescapes revealed through gaming. 2023-24 ESRC Digital Good Network. 2023 AHRC Future of Broadcast. 2022, Pathways Digital, Cambridge University.  Art Fair Innovations, AHRC/EPRSC, Shanghai and London, 2019: AHRC/ESRC 2019 UK-Japan network focused on location-based VR for children.

As CDH Methods Fellow (2023-24), Eleanor delivers Methods Workshops addressing the development and use of virtual and extended reality spaces for research, pedagogy and collaboration.


Tel: +44 1223 766886
Email enquiries@crassh.cam.ac.uk