Territory and Cosmology

Comparatism 2:

Territory and Cosmology

Michaelmas 2018

Tuesdays 12-2



October 9



October 16

Philippe Descola

"Humans and nonhumans sharing worlds: an Amazonian case"


October 23

Nicholas Lackenby

"Who we are and whose we are: rootedness and rightness amongst Serbian Orthodox Christians"


Carlotta Santini

"Form and Cosmology: Frobenius and Warburg on the Ife Table Model"


October 30

Aaron Kachuck

"Cosmos and Cubiculum: Virgil, Augustus, and the Cult of Vesta"


Elizabeth Turk

"From homeland to state spirit: modernist cosmopolitics and territorialized state reverence in post-Soviet Mongolia"


November 6

Riamsara Kuyakanon Knapp

"Connectivities to transcend territories and cosmologies? Trans-territorial pilgrimage in far western Nepal"


Chloe Nahum-Claudel

"The Diplomatic Affordances of Circular Space"


November 13

Caroline Humphrey

"Are women’s landscapes different from men’s?"


Lea Niccolai

"The space of reason: Neoplatonic mappings of the world"


November 20

Maya Feile Tomes

"The circle and the sphere: representing world space from antiquity to America"


Selena Wisnom

"The world according to Enūma eliš: an unusual Babylonian account of creation"


November 27

Renaud Gagné

"Territory, Trees and Cosmos: Archaic Delphi"