CRASSH Impact is a series of free public lectures and seminars at the University of Cambrige. The event series is funded through a grant from the Higher Education Funding Council For England (HEFCE).

We are delighted to announce that the great Sinologist from Harvard, Michael Puett, will be giving the CRASSH Impact lecture on China and policy during the Michaelmas Term.  

21 November 2017, 5.15pm – 7.00pm
Neoliberalism and History, or: How Should We Understand China?
• Public lecture by Michael Puett

22 November 2017, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Michael Puett and Julia Lovell in Conversation















Previous Events

In the Easter Term 2017, we had a thrilling set of events on Law, Race, Gender and Public Policy (2 – 4 May 2017), starring Patricia J. Williams (Columbia), one of the most stirring theorists of law and race in the USA today, along with Paul Gilroy (King’s College London), Britain's most distinguished theorist of race, and Heidi Safia Mirza (Goldsmiths), a pioneering researcher into race, faith and gender.

Please click on the links below to watch the events on video. 

2 May 2017, 5.15pm – 7.00pm
In Conversation: Paul Gilroy and Patricia Williams 
Law, Race, Gender and Public Policy launch event
• Chaired by Priscilla Mensah

3 May 2017, 5.15pm – 7.00pm​
'Other People’s Children'
• Public lecture by Patricia Williams

4 May 2017, 5.15pm – 7.00pm​
Black Life, Law, Love and Survival in Times of Trump and Brexit
• A Black Feminist conversation between Heidi Mirza and Patricia Williams
• Chaired by Sarah Franklin