Debora Shuger


Debora Shuger is distinguished professor of English at UCLA and the author of Sacred Rhetoric, Habits of Thought, The Renaissance Bible, Political Theologies, and Censorship and Cultural Sensibility. She is currently finishing (with Ethan Shagan) Religion in Tudor England, an anthology of sermons, tracts, poetry, devotions, diaries, and disputations—the companion volume to Religion in Early Stuart England (2012), along with a little book on Tudor biblical prefaces and an essay on the Lambeth Articles of 1595, as well as taking the tentative first steps towards a study of William Laud (or maybe Matthew Parker).

During her time in Cambridge Debora will be participating in the CRASSH  projects A History of Cross Cultural Comparatism and Crossroads of Knowledge in Early Modern England.


Visiting Fellow


December 2014 - March 2015


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