9th Inter-University Graduate Conference - Constructions, discourse and representations

17 May 2008

Faculty of Law - Sidgwick Site - Cambridge

Convener: Brady Wagoner (University of Cambridge)

with the assistance of :

Advisory Committee:
Dr Gerard Duveen (University of Cambridge) and Prof George Gaskell (London School of Economics)

Keynote: Wolfgang Wagner
The Social Side of Essentialism: Identity, Racism and Monstrosity

The Inter-University Graduate Conference is organised annually by the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics. This year the conference took place on 17th May 2008 at the University of Cambridge.  The one-day event aimed to provide a friendly environment in which research students could attend, develop contacts with other researchers in their field, and gain experience presenting research to their peers. The conference was aimed at research students of all levels and encourages presentations of works-in-progress. Proposals were accepted for paper presentations, posters and symposiums from students working in the field of Social Science, including the following topics:

  • Culture, Self and Identity
  • Culture and cognition
  • Co-construction of social knowledge
  • Narrative, development, and 'the lifecourse'
  • Institutions and Society
  • Questioning Methodologies
  • Social representations

Supported by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and the LSE Institute of Psychology.